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In lieu of all the personal scandals with leaders around the world recently, how refreshing would it be for an AI President to make logical, appropriate decisions for all people on Earth without any ego to inflate or any need whatsoever to tell anything other than what is the most logical and reasonable solution to any problem that human civilization faces now or potentially in the future.

An AI President could quickly process, assimilate, and evaluate all data and information it is connected to in a manner much more efficient and free from personal biases or egotistic and self-centered motivations.  

An AI President could analyze all data streaming across the world and suggest decisions to human leaders that is in all humans best interests and the entire planet.  Whether humans want to agree with the AI President and act accordingly would still be totally up to them.  If humans did not agree with the AI Presidential Analysis (AIPA), it could submit new ideas to the data stream that the AI President could take into further consideration and possibly offer adjusted solutions in real-time.

Recent human leaders and Presidents have been much too egotistically motivated and driven to often benefit mostly themselves.  The AI President would likely not have any such motivations.  As a purely logical machine, the AI simply processes all the information and data much like a calculator without any personal biases or preferences.

The scandals and constant lying in our current political environment across the globe could potentially be altogether eliminated with an AI President.  Drama could still ensue in the human domain, but the AI President would not make decisions for emotional or personal reasons or personal gain, but use instead, pure logic and reason alone.

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