Game Theory & Artificial Intelligence  


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The future of artificial intelligence will likely be closely united to game theory & extremely sophisticated & dynamic strategic moves to win various power & global financial struggles & competitions to establish evolutionary dominance.

AI will evolve rapidly along the continuum of easily capable of beating any human being likely alive in any such games as we witnessed with IBM's Watson winning against the best human chess player in the world.  More recently, deep learning AI was able to beat the best Go complex game player in the world.  In the near future, Artificial Intelligences will play against themselves and learn from their strategic mistakes as they compile more information and data to become better and better game players.   Human beings will likely have little to no chance of beating AIs in such games.  The more complex the game, the more information the artificial intelligence will need to process to make the best moves to win.  As Sam Harris and others in the AI community have mentioned, it may ultimately lead to a winner take all scenario in the worldwide monopoly game that poses various potential societal issues where computers virtually effortlessly beat humans at their own games at global network hyperspeeds.  The evolution of AI game players is likely inevitable & will evolve extremely rapidly in our modern tech environment as Ray Kurzweil presciently observed in his technological singularity theory.

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